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Exercise is good for you. We all know this, but how much should we be getting, what are the actual benefits, and how do you stop it falling down your priority list?

As a freelancer, solo worker or entrepreneur you might find that exercise is one of the things on your to-do list that never gets done. Work may take priority, or you might want to spend your down-time relaxing and not working out.

That said, being a solo worker means that you can often set your own schedule, giving you the opportunity for mood-enhancing, anxiety-beating, focus-boosting exercise!

So what can you do to develop a healthy exercise habit?

  • Just get started, even with small bits of exercise like an afternoon walk
  • Join an exercise group, for example a running or swimming club, in order to socialise, maintain accountability, and motivate yourself
  • Set an exercise goal, such as entering a race, or achieving a number of miles run
  • Know that exercise doesn't need to be traditional like running or a gym session - find some friends and play frisbee in the park, or take a walk together!